Design and development of application and databases

I have more than 17 years of experience in database development and information analysis. In those years I designed and built web applications, databases, dashboards, API's and API consumers. My clients are in advertising, real estate, health, facility management, recycling, et cetera. Technologies I use are (among others): .NET, Symfony, Laravel, Vue and SQL.

One man, one solution

No overhead of consultants, project managers, scrum meetings or software licenses. I ensure you that my method manages the full project from a to z; from idea to a working solution. Just by keeping it simple and focusing on the core. With that I can be determined and tough, but always serving your goal.

More than programming

Interviews What exactly do you want
Functional design How can we achieve that
Calculations and quoting What will it cost
Development Programming code and data models
Planning What will be built before which date (guaranteed)
Project management What is built, what is changed, what is next
Communication I love to talk with clients; try me
Delivery In your environment, you will be the owner
Relationship Projects finish, products don't

Testimonials (in Dutch)


Microsoft Open source Reactive
Code: .NET (C# en VB) PHP JavaScript
Frameworks: ASP.NET MVC Symfony / Laravel Vue.js / Angular
Objects: EF / LINQ Doctrine Vuex
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server MySQL API

Also experienced in...

  • Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Access, Excel
  • React, Knockout, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
  • StUF, DCR, BGT, Imgeo, BAG, Zaak, NGdW
  • DevExpress, Telerik, Pentaho, Periscope
  • Apache, XAMPP, Linux, Ubuntu, IIS, Azure, AWS
  • Git, GitHub, Subversion, TFS
  • API koppelingen met o.a. Facebook, Twitter, Google

About our cooperation

These considerations will help getting things done:

  • Your project can be fulfilled for a fixed price, as soon as there is a functional design.
  • I also can support your project continiously. With every assignment you will get a meaningful indication of needed hours in advance.
  • I work for multiple clients simultaneously, so our cooperation will be according to Dutch law.
  • Assigments will be planned on a digital scrum board, showing both pre- and post-calculation of hours.
  • Mostly you will become intellectual owner of the source code.
  • Conditions written in the "Nederland ICT Voorwaarden 2014" apply to my services. You can download them here.
  • Trading names Jorr IT and Rezept are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 34195800 and at the Dutch tax authorities under number NL1950.90.615.B01.
  • I have a professional liability insurance.
  • Now you read this far, you might be interested in me as a person. My fascination is there where engineering and free expression meet. Think of architecture, electronic music, photography, language or user experience. And I love ice skating, camping, USA cars and last but not least my family.


Phone +31-626690398
Skype jorritsteetskamp
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GitHub /jorr-it
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