About me


My main occupation is developing software. On the side I initialize several projects. Jorr State is my personal lab for exploring electronic music production and technology.

In the ninetees I fabricated my first techno tracks using FastTracker on an Amiga 500. Probably as an expression of my (early) mid-life crisis I bought my first real synthesizer in 2016. Currently I own an ever changing flock of precious analog hardware. This lab does not only consist of producing electronic music, but also exploring possibilities of assembling, repairing and modifying synthesizers. For example, currently I am investigating possibilities of producing and launching programmers for synthesizers lacking hands-on buttons and MIDI controllers for soft-synths (lacking hands-on buttons too). Purpose of all this is to earn a living (partly) with electronic music in the near future.

First productions


If you need electronic music for whatever need, please contact me. Rates will be low or even free, as long as I feel it to be benefitial for my lab.
Phone +31626690398
Skype jorritsteetskamp
Souncloud /jorrstate

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